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Business Overview

Umpi Korumba Corporation for Housing provides a holistic service to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, operating within the boundaries of the Turrabul country (as described in the Native Title areas) including suburbs from the Stafford area, up to and including the Pine Rivers Shire. 

Umpi Korumba is the only Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Housing organisation within the local area and is the only organisation that offers a Crisis Accommodation Program facility for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in Brisbane.

Umpi Korumba Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation for Housing provides safe, secure social and affordable housing and solutions across a range of communities. We know our communities and the people who live in them have their own unique culture, lifestyle, interests and needs. Umpi Korumba strives to provide more than just a home, we want our tenants to be connected within their place, their neighbourhood and their community.

Umpi Korumba commitment is to work with our tenants to provide quality housing services and to work with our communities and our partners to deliver responses and products that support our tenants to engage and participate in their communities.

Umpi Korumba believes our tenants are the motivation of the work we do. We want our tenants to engage with us to give feedback and contribute to the way their housing services are planned and delivered. We want our tenants to have the opportunities, support and to feel connected and involved.

Umpi Korumba Corporation for housing provides three major service delivery areas:

  1. Social Housing and support services to the local Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander families
  2. Crisis Accommodation Program services for Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander families supported by funding from Social Housing System (SHS/SAAP)
  3. Outreach Services to our community by way of support to sustain tenancies and referrals specialist agencies (government and non-government) for the well being of our families.

Our Purpose

To provide a range of services and community development activities in within our catchment area of Pine Rivers, and the Northern suburbs of Brisbane and surrounding areas that support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in becoming self-sufficient in their own lives.


Our Values

Community:  We build sustainable relationships and generate mutual support amongst our work colleagues and clients in order to develop a self-sufficient community for our people.

Integrity:  We have an ongoing commitment to our people and the communities in which they live; we are true to our principles and values and honour our words and actions.

Personal growth: We nurture self-awareness and cultural identity through continual learning, development of new skills and feeling the sense of achievement by taking action.

Innovation: We aim to create positive change and improvement in what we do.

Fun, laughter and celebration:  We celebrate our culture and believe enjoyment and laughter is the basis for growth and learning.

Our Commitment

  • be open and accountable to you, our tenants and to our communities
  • listen, value and respect the diversity of our tenants and deliver responses and products that are appropriate and relevant
  • provide quality housing services
  • review our activities to continuously improve our approach
  • find partners to support the wellbeing of our clients and introduce pathways to achieve their aspirations
  • ensure our tenants and our partners have input and influence in the way we plan and deliver our services
  • advocate for our tenants and collaborate with our partners to ensure services are accessible and delivered in a quality and timely manner
  • to be an effective, efficient and innovative community controlled Housing organisation that provides cultural competent and culturally appropiate housing, welfare and associated support services.