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Property Maintenance and Repairs

Umpi Korumba is committed to providing a quality and responsive maintenance and repair service for our tenants.

Our maintenance services are provided by qualified procured contractors who are subject to a Code of Conduct, Contractual obligations relating to privacy and confidentiality and required to maintain a high level of customer service.

The Contractor Terms and Conditions of Appointment sets out our expectations of our Contractors’ performance and behavior.

Should you have concerns in regards to contractors attending please let our office know

Contractors are expected to treat our tenants with courtesy, respect and sensitivity and, in return, tenants are expected to treat contractors with the same courtesy and respect.

How do I report the need for a repair?

You should always notify Umpi Korumba of any maintenance issues at your property.

We can be contacted during business hours between 8.30am_4.30pm week days to report maintenance issues and the after hours for emergency maintenance.

These details arein the Tenancy Entry Information pack.

When will someone attend to my repair request?

We will respond to maintenance requests in order of urgency from when you report the problem.

The following are examples of typical maintenance priorities and target response times:

Immediate   1-hour response

Any fault which could lead to death or injury or serious damage to the property such as:

  • gas leaks
  • fire
  • exposed live electrical wires in an accessible location
  • seniors or incapacitated tenants being locked out of their home at night
  • burst pipes within the building.

Urgent – 4-hour response

Any fault which could endanger health or result in extensive damage to the property such as:

  • no lights or power
  • serious storm damage
  • serious water penetration
  • burst water pipes outside the building
  • fully blocked sewerage
  • full stove not working
  • seniors or incapacitated tenants being locked out of their home during the day
  • smoke alarm not working
  • building being unsecure after forced entry (break-in)
  • major structural damage endangering the occupants.

Priority – 24-hour response

Faults which cause serious inconvenience to the client such as:

  • blocked drains (minor)
  • toilet cistern not working or overflowing
  • broken locks (external doors)
  • fence damage greater than 125mm wide
  • broken windows
  • no hot water
  • no power to multiple power points
  • no power to multiple lights
  • security lights not working.

Normal – 14-day response

Faults which cause inconvenience or could affect the value of the property in the long term, such as:

  • dripping taps
  • element not working on stove
  • water hammer (noisy pipes when you turn taps on)
  • doors jamming
  • uneven hard paving
  • trees which need lopping
  • leaking gutters or downpipes
  • individual power point or light not working
  • faulty internal door locks.