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Water Usage Charging Methods

Umpi Korumba will calculate water charges based on the following methods:

Properties with Separate Water Meters

Umpi Korumba will charge tenants who live in properties with separate water meters the actual water usage cost, as per the invoice received from the Water Authority. In accordance with the Ministerial Guidelines, Water charges will be added to the tenant’s account each water billing cycle – approximately quarterly.

Payment of Water Usage Charges

Tenants can pay their water usage in a lump sum payment or set up an agreement to pay an amount each week/fortnight. Any payments for water must be specified as water payments. If a water charge remains unpaid for more than 14 days from the date it is charged to the tenant’s account, Umpi Korumba may take action to recover the unpaid water usage charges.


Umpi Korumba may consider reduction to the water charging for tenants with separate water meters if:

  • The tenant or a household member is on a home based dialysis and/or;
  • The tenant or a household member has a medical condition or disability that requires them to use significantly more water than usual.

There are no exemptions or allowances for tenants who are temporarily away from their properties


  Umpi Korumba will assist tenants who are experiencing financial hardship

Tenants Moving Properties or Exiting  Umpi Korumba

Umpi Korumba will

charge for water usage up to the end of the Residential Tenancy Agreement. In the case of tenants with separate water meters, this will be based on a pro rate estimate based upon the previous quarters actual water bill