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Apply for Membership

Membership Application

Rule 3.1 of the corporation’s rule book says that to be a member you must:

  • be at least 18 years old

  • be an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person

  • normally and permanently live in a suburb within the postcodes 4007–4068 or 4500–4550, or another location set by the directors in writing.

To become a member you need to fill in an application for membership form and give it to the corporation.

The directors will consider and make a decision about your application. If they decide to approve your application your name, address and date you became a member will be put on the corporation’s register of members.

Members, Have You Moved?

Moving Boxes

If you have moved house or your contact numbers have changes you need to let the corporation know. This is a requirement of rule 3.4 of the corporation’s rule book.